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The big size spray paint booth represents a pinnacle of innovation in the automotive and transportation industry, catering specifically to the unique challenges posed by painting large-scale surfaces like bus exteriors. Designed to ensure meticulous paint application, enhanced efficiency, and operator safety, this specialized booth type stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and craftsmanship. Let's delve into the comprehensive details of the big size spray paint booth, uncovering its components, advantages, and applications within the industry.

Components and Design:

A big size spray paint booth is tailored to accommodate the size and dimensions of buses, which often exceed the scope of conventional spray booths. These booths are characterized by their spacious interiors, expansive entrance and exit points, and advanced ventilation and filtration systems.

Key components include:

  1. Size and Dimension: Big size spray paint booths are notably larger than standard spray booths, providing ample space for buses and large size component to be maneuvered and painted efficiently.

  2. Advanced Ventilation: Powerful intake and exhaust fans ensure a consistent and controlled airflow within the booth. This prevents the accumulation of overspray and fumes while facilitating optimal paint application.

  3. Heating and Drying Systems: To expedite the drying process and promote paint adhesion, some big size spray paint booths incorporate heating systems that regulate temperature and humidity.

  4. Filtration Units: High-efficiency filtration units capture overspray particles and contaminants, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for both operators and the component being painted.

  5. Illumination: Adequate lighting ensures that every inch of the component's surface is evenly lit, allowing painters to achieve precise and consistent finishes.


  1. Precision Coating: The spacious design of the booth accommodates the size of big component, enabling painters to achieve uniform paint application on intricate curves and surfaces.

  2. Time Efficiency: The larger space and advanced technology facilitate faster painting and drying times, which is crucial in the mass production of big size component.

  3. Operator Safety: By effectively containing overspray and fumes, big size spray paint booths create a safer and healthier working environment for painters.

  4. Reduced Wastage: The controlled environment minimizes overspray and paint wastage, optimizing the efficient use of paint materials.

  5. Consistency and Quality: The combination of controlled airflow, lighting, and advanced filtration ensures consistent, high-quality finishes that meet industry standards.

Applications: The big size spray paint booth is indispensable within the automotive and transportation sector:

  • Mass Transit Systems: Painting city buses, intercity coaches, and other public transportation vehicles with consistent finishes that reflect the operator's brand.

  • Tour Buses: Achieving attractive and uniform exterior coatings for tour buses that travel long distances and require a durable finish.

  • Commercial Vehicles: Coating commercial buses and utility vehicles used in various industries, such as shuttle services, logistics, and tourism.

  • Customization: Offering custom paint jobs for buses with unique designs, branding, or graphics.

In conclusion, the big size spray paint booth is an essential element in the production and customization of buses. Its tailored design, advanced technology, and dedication to large-scale surfaces enable manufacturers to achieve precision, efficiency, and safety in the painting process. By addressing the specific challenges posed by bus exteriors, this booth type exemplifies the industry's commitment to delivering excellence in transportation aesthetics and functionality.

Ideal Paint Booth for Bus Body, Wind Mill and Big Size Component

Parvkalp Engineering, manufactures big size paint booth. We have manufactured paint booth of length 32mtrs. 

Our big size paint booth can be positive pressurized and can be equipped with heating option.

Our big size paint booth is equipped with high quality blowers, branded motors (crompton/Hindustan/siemens).

Our system comes with full control panel with branded switchgear.


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