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The water curtain paint booth is a pioneering innovation in the realm of painting and finishing, redefining the way objects are coated while addressing concerns related to overspray, environmental impact, and operator safety. This remarkable booth design utilizes a cascading curtain of water to encapsulate paint particles, offering a controlled and clean environment for achieving immaculate finishes. Let's delve into the comprehensive details of the water curtain paint booth, exploring its working principle, advantages, and diverse applications.

Working Principle:

At the heart of the water curtain paint booth is its ingenious design, where a continuous curtain of water is generated and maintained along the perimeter of the booth. This curtain acts as a barrier, capturing overspray particles and containing them within the water. As paint-laden air passes through the water curtain, the particles adhere to the water droplets and are effectively removed from the air stream.


The booth's ventilation system then draws the cleaned air through filtration units to ensure that no hazardous particles are released into the atmosphere. The captured paint particles settle at the bottom of the booth's water reservoir, preventing them from accumulating within the booth and causing operational issues.


  • Overspray Containment: The primary benefit of a water curtain paint booth is its exceptional overspray containment. The water curtain captures and contains paint particles, reducing the need for extensive cleanup and minimizing the wastage of paint.

  • Enhanced Operator Safety: By containing paint particles and fumes within the booth, the water curtain design protects operators from inhaling harmful chemicals, fostering a safer work environment.

  • Environmental Responsibility: The water curtain system effectively prevents the release of hazardous particles and solvents into the environment, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

  • Consistent Finishes: The controlled environment provided by the water curtain ensures uniform paint application, resulting in consistent and flawless finishes.

  • Reduced Clean-Up Efforts: The contained overspray means less time and effort spent on cleaning up surrounding areas, making the booth efficient and productive.

    Applications: Water curtain paint booths find a wide array of applications across various industries:

  • Automotive Refinishing: Achieving high-quality finishes on vehicles, preventing overspray from affecting nearby surfaces or equipment.

  • Aerospace Manufacturing: Coating delicate aerospace components and ensuring precision finishes while maintaining a controlled environment.

  • Furniture and Woodworking: Applying paints, stains, and finishes to wooden products without the risk of overspray damaging other items or the work area.

  • Metal Fabrication: Coating metal parts and objects with a controlled paint environment, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.

  • In conclusion, the water curtain paint booth presents a revolutionary approach to achieving excellence in painting and finishing. Its innovative use of a cascading water curtain not only ensures impeccable results but also addresses critical concerns related to overspray containment and environmental impact. By encapsulating the art of painting within a controlled water barrier, this booth design exemplifies the synergy between technology, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness.

Our Water Curtain Paint Booth

  • ParvKalp Engineering's Water Curtain Side Draft Paint booth is made from high quality SS304 & Galvanized Steel.

  • Water Curtain Paint booth can be used for spray painting of metal, wood & fiber components.

  • Our standard sizes are 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft. 

  • Our paint booths can be equipped with positive pressurized system to ensure dust free environment.

  • Our paint booth's water tank and screen is made from SS304 sheet and other panels from Galvanized sheets. It is equipped with high capacity blower and pump. 

  • Water curtain paint booth is ideal for heavy production. 

  • Water curtain paint booth is ideal for polyester like paints also.


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