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About Dry Type Paint Booth

In the world of modern painting and finishing, the dry type spray paint booth stands out as a technological marvel that offers impeccable results while prioritizing environmental responsibility. This advanced booth design has revolutionized the way objects are coated and finished, providing a controlled environment that ensures optimal paint application, minimal overspray, and enhanced safety for operators. Let's delve into the details of the dry type spray paint booth, uncovering its components, benefits, and applications.

Components and Design:

A dry type spray paint booth is characterized by its enclosed design, which prevents external contaminants, debris, and dust particles from interfering with the paint application process. The booth is equipped with a ventilation system that includes intake and exhaust fans, designed to create a consistent and controlled airflow pattern. This airflow carries overspray and solvent fumes away from the painted object, maintaining a clean and clear working environment.

Inside the booth, the object to be painted is placed on a rotating platform or hanging system, ensuring that every angle is accessible to the spray guns. High-efficiency filtration systems are strategically placed to capture overspray particles, ensuring that they do not escape into the atmosphere. The booth is often illuminated with well-distributed lighting to provide optimal visibility and ensure that no area is left unattended during the painting process.


  • Precision and Consistency: The controlled environment of a dry type spray paint booth results in precise and consistent paint application. With minimal fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and airflow, the finish is uniform and free from imperfections.

  • Reduced Overspray: The strategic placement of filtration systems and the airflow pattern effectively capture overspray particles, reducing wastage of paint and creating a cleaner work environment.

  • Operator Safety: Dry type booths are designed to ensure operator safety. By containing solvent fumes and overspray, they protect painters from inhaling harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier work atmosphere.

  • Environmental Responsibility: The efficient filtration and containment systems of these booths prevent the release of hazardous particles and solvents into the environment, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

  • Shorter Drying Times: The controlled airflow within the booth can facilitate faster drying times for the painted object, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


  • Dry type spray paint booths find applications across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, furniture, electronics, and more. They are particularly valuable for:

  • Automotive Refinishing: Achieving flawless finishes on vehicles by eliminating dust and providing optimal conditions for paint adhesion.

  • Manufacturing: Coating large and small objects with precision, ensuring uniform finishes that meet industry standards.

  • Woodworking: Applying paints, stains, and coatings to furniture, cabinets, and wooden products with consistent results.

  • Metal Fabrication: Creating protective coatings on metal surfaces, enhancing durability and aesthetics.

  • In conclusion, the dry type spray paint booth represents a leap forward in finishing technology. Its ability to provide controlled environments, minimize overspray, and uphold operator safety while delivering impeccable finishes makes it an indispensable tool for industries that demand excellence in coating applications. This booth type exemplifies the harmony between technological advancement and environmental consciousness, defining the future of painting and finishing processes.

Our dry type paint booth

  • Parvkalp Engineering’s Dry Type Side Draft Paint Booths are useful for small or heavy components, where painting is done standing in one position.

  • Our system are equipped with fibre glass or cardboard filters. It can be also equipped with metallic baffles. 

  • Our system comes with branded motors like Crompton/Siemens/Hindustan.

  • Our light fittings ensures proper illumination required for spray painting.

  • Our Dry type paint booth can be installed stand alone or can be converted into positive pressurized system. Positive Pressurized system ensures dust free environment.

  • Dry Type Paint Booth is ideal for metal, wood and plastic industry. 

  • Dry Type Paint Booth is lower in cost then water curtain spray paint booth.

  • Standard widths - 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft


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